Shiva Panchayatana Vana

Significance of Shiva Panchayatana Vana:

  • ['PANCHABHUTA VANAM' - 'PANCHA' - Five, 'BHUTAS' - Elements]
    (i.e. Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Sky)
  • These trees and plants are mentioned in a sacred book called 'Purana Chudamani' - These set of five trees and plants represent the five basic elements and their respective Gods and Godesses.
  • These trees should be planted in particular directions only.


  • The presence of these trees not only balances the five elements with which we are made but also the environment in which they are present and gives the ultimate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual results to us as well as to the earth.


S.No. Name

Botanical name

Botanical name

1. Shiva - Space - Center Aegle marmelos Leucas aspera
2. Vishnu - Water - NE Ficus religiosa Tulsi
3. Sun - Fire - SE Nerium odorum Calotropis gigantea
4. Ganesha - Earth - SW Acacia catechu Cynodon dactylon
5. Ambika - Air - NW Saraca indica Clitoria ternacea

Aegle marmelos - holy fruit tree:

  • Parts used - root, bark, leaf, seed.
  • Uses - Diarrhoea, Constipation, Worms, Skin diseases, Cardiac diseases, High B.P, Jaundice, Joint pains, Leprosy, Leucoderma (loss of pigment of skin), Opthalmia (conjuctivities), Piles (inflammation of veins in rectal region), Diabetes, Aphrodisiac (stimulates sexual desire).