Navagraha Vana

Significance of Navagraha Vana:

  • [ 'NAVA' - Nine, 'GRAHA' - Planets, 'VANA' - Garden]
  • These nine represent the Navagrahas that each temple has, which inturn represent the nine celestial bodies (forces) which influence our earth.
  • These nine plants are a mixture of trees, bushes and grass varieties. These are to be planted as per the directions indicated. These are all once again very specialised doctors in curing varied varieties of diseases.


  • By planting these in a particular place, gives protection from the negative forces that are mention in our horoscopes, caused due to various planetary positions. The effects are minimised drastically. They bring prosperity, good health and wealth, protection, showing right direction and attracts people with good intentions only.


S.No Name Direction Planet
1. Achyranthus aspera NorthEast Budha / Mercury
2. Ficus racemosa East Sukra / Venus
3. Butea monosperm SouthEast Moon / Chandra / Soma
4. Ficus religiosa North Guru / Jupiter
5. Acacia catechu South Kuja / Mangala / Mars
6. Calotropis procera Middle Represents Sun / Surya
7. Imperata cylindrica NorthWest Kethu
8. Prosopis cenneraria West Sani / Saturn
9. Cynodon dactylon SouthWest Rahu

Calotropis gigantea - Milk Weed:

  • Parts used - Whole Plant.
  • Uses - Leprosy, Syphilis (Contageous venereal disease), Dysentery, Elephantiasis (abnormal swelling of leg), Abortion, Epilepsy (Chronic nervous disorder with convulsions & Unconsciousness), Hysteria, Convulsions (Violent involuntary contraction of skeletal musculature), Paralysis, Asthma, Skin diseases, Ear-ache.

Direction : Middle (Represents Sun / Surya)

Direction : SouthEast (Moon / Chandra / Soma)

Direction : North (Guru / Jupiter)

Direction : East ( Sukra / Venus)

Direction : South ( Kuja / Mangala / Mars)

Direction : West ( Sani / Saturn)

Direction : SouthWest ( Rahu )