The leaves, flowers, seeds, root, branches, bark, stem and even the soil of the place where tulsi shrub grows are all holy.

(Padma purana Uttarkhand 24/2)

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[ 'NAKSHATRA' - Stars (27), 'VANA' - Garden]

Each and every person born on earth will (have to) belong to any one of these 27 stars. If you have the exact time of birth, it can easily be traced down by any astologer. Now each tree here corresponds to that particular star.


Each tree here keeps giving energy to that particular person / people born during that particular star. So any ailments or health problems are set right / healed / cured when you spend / request / talk / meditate near or under that particular tree, corresponding to their star.

So the presence of the complete set of 27 trees directly creates a healthy and sound physical, mental, psychological and spiritual beings. Which is the ultimate and absolute bliss to oneself and to the earth too.

S.No. Birth Star

Botanical name

Common name

1. Ashwini Strychnos nux vomica Poison nut
2. Bharani Embilica officionalis Amla
3. Krithika Ficus racemosa Fig
4. Rohini Syzygium jambolanum Jamoon
5. Mrugasira Acacia catechu Kadhira
6. Arudra Aquilaria agallocha Agar Wood
7. Punarvasu Bambusa Bamboo
8. Pushyami Ficus religiosa Peepal
9. Aslesha Mesua ferrea Naga Champa
10. Makha Ficus bengalensis Banyan
11. Pubba Butea monosperma Flame of the forest
12. Uttara Ficus infectoria Juvvi
13. Hastha Spondias mangifera Wild mango
14. Chitta Aegle marmelos Bilva
15. Swathi Terminalia arjuna Arjun
16. Visakha Limonium acidissimum Elephant apple
17. Anuradha Mimusops elengi Bakul
18. Jyesta Pinus Pine
19. Moola Canarium strictum Black dammar
20. Purvashada Saraca indica Sita Asoka
21. Uttarashada Artocarpus heterophyllus Jack
22. Sravana Calotropis gigantia Milk weed
23. Dhanishta Acacia ferruginea Shami
24. Satabhisha Anthocephalus cadaba Kadamba
25. Purvabhadra Azardirachta indica Neem
26. Uttarabhadra Mangifera indica Mango
27. Revathi Madhuca indica Ippe
Butea monosperma - Flame of the Forest
Parts used : Bark, leaves, flowers, seeds, gum
Uses : 1. Flatulence (gas)
    2. Colic
    3. Cough
    4. Diuretic (promotes flow of urine)
    5. Snake bite
    6. Skin diseases
    7. Herpes (inflammation of skin with clusters of deep seated vesicles)
    8. Epilepsy (Chronic nervous disorder with attacks of unconsciousness and convulsions)
    9. Arthritis (Inflammation of joints)
    10. Piles
    11. Constipation
    12. Diabetes
    13. Ringworm
    14. Inflammation

1. Ashwini Nakshatra - Poison nut
Tree Fruit
2. Bharani Nakshatra - Amla
3. Krithika - Cluster fig
Tree Tree
4. Rohini - Jamoon


5. Mrigasira - Kadhira
Flower Pod
6. Arudra - Agar Wood
Tree Flower
7. Punarvasu - Bamboo
8. Pushyami - Peepal
9. Aslesha - Naga Champa
Tree Flower
10. Makha - Banyan
11. Purva Phalguni - Flame of the forest
Butea monosperma Tree Butea monosperma Flower
12. Uttara Phalguni - Juvvi
13. Hastha - Wild mango
Tree Fruit
14. Chitha - Bilva
15. Swathi - Arjun
16. Visakha - Elephant apple
17.Anuradha - Bakul
Flowers Fruit
18. Jyesta - Pine
Tree Cones
19. Moola - Black Dammar
Leaves Flowers
Fruit Resin- harvesting
Resin Harvesting  
20. Purvashada - Sita Asoka
Tree Flowers
21. Uttarashada - Jack
22. Shravana - Milk weed
23. Danishta - Shami
Tree Flower
24. Sathabisham - Kadamba
25. Purvabhadra - Neem
26. Uttarabhadra - Mango
27. Revathi - Ippe
Tree Tree Leaves Fruit
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